Louisa Voisine - Crowning Glory
The last half of the year 2012 was a little less hectic than the first half.
I am always appreciative of that fact because gearing up in January for the big season March to July is always so busy that finally in August I can begin to look back.
Such a roller coaster when you own your own business. So many people look at me and say "it must be nice" No complaints from me it makes me laugh to think how many hours I put in and think "oh the days of a regular paycheck, week-ends off"
As you know by now one of the highlights of last year was the Kentucky Derby Design Contest and how much fun to find out in the same month that my 10 years in Los Angeles was written about in the History of Banana Republic book release.
10 years all fitting in on less than a page. I was thrilled to be recorded in the book for the contributions I made in the development of Banana Republic as the Director of Studio Services. Some of my best memories in life thus far were in that ten years. Most people don't know that I was one of the original employees of Banana Republic and my office was in their flagship Beverly Hills store. Oh the memories of Little Santa Monica and Bedford!
July topped out with the release of an article in the Desert Companion Magazine in Las Vegas. July was pretty crazy with returning from France and Derby, BR and Desert Companion.
We glided into October with a fund raising event for the Las Vegas Philharmonic Ladies Guild. We released our first Halloween Collection at this event and it was a stand up hit. They sold out in the weeks leading up to Halloween and this year I created the second collection.
October rolled in with our first Open House at the new showroom and everyone attending feel in love with this quaint location that feels more like Santa Barbara than Las Vegas. Since then we have had many events on our special patio and now have so many special memories.
The Royal Tea Society held their annual Halloween Tea and it was a like a Witch Convention. Apparently we all think we would make good witches.
December brought about a new fund raising event called Beads For Life. All handmade beaded necklaces out of rolled paper from women learning how to help themselves. Our hat theme was "Out of Africa" an all time fantastic film.
Then in December the Royal Tea Society held their annual Christmas Tea event and "my oh my" the sweets just keep getting better all the time!
It's hard to believe as I try to catch up on the website that we are two months away from 2014.
Enjoy the photos from the last half of 2012.