Elegant, creative and whimsical Millinery Designer Louisa Voisine

"Chapeaus, Beautiful Chapeaus!"
     I love my career as a designer of  chapeaus.  I am very passionate about glorious chapeaus.  Ribbons, flowers, crystals, and more ribbons, flowers and crystals!
     Each chapeau  has a piece of my heart in the design.  I start with visualizing how the next chapeau will frame a woman's face perfectly and bring out her personality.  As I begin the design process, my ideas grow from the very first creative touch into glorious creations.
     Some whisper softly "Adorn me" while others boldly state "I want to lead the Easter Parade" or "Get me to the derby on time!"
     The true beauty of a chapeau is not if they are a fashion trend, it is found in the woman who crowns herself.  Every woman has the ability to wear a chapeau, they just have to find the right style and fit.  I love creating beauty and bringing out the beautiful woman you are by crowning you with the perfect chapeau.
     Our hats on to you and we look forward to being your partner in framing your face beautifully!
-Louisa Voisine
Member of:
Chapeau Society of Las Vegas
Social Register of Las Vegas
National Association of Women Business Owners
Fashion Business Inc.
Royal Tea Society
World Affairs Council
Womens Chamber of Nevada
Bootlegger Bistro Networkers
Longford  Business Networkers Group